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The Profit Link not only makes growth and profits easy, we make it affordable.  Purchasing a small business consulting package from the Profit Link may be the best gift you ever give yourself, your business, and all those counting on your success.

$795/mo. for min 3 months (a 40% savings!)

Ignite change today with the Profit Link’s Chain Reaction consulting package (our most popular offering).  We work with you to apply years of experience, thousands of case studies and relentless A/B testing to maximizing the profitability of your business.  There is an art to small business profitability—well, we’ve mastered the art and turned it into a science we can implement to turn your business into a profit machine.

 Let the Profit Link spark a self-amplifying chain of events to release the potential energy of your enterprise.  Achieve extraordinary results and get your life back!

What You Get

·         3x ROI—GUARANTEED

·         Robust analysis of your business

·         Full competitive analysis

·         One-on-one meeting with your  dedicated Profit Link consultant

·         Deep engagement from your personal Profit Links consultant & the whole team

·         A well-developed strategy for success

·         Massive cost-reduction action

·         Significant revenue enhancements

·         A path to profound & sustainable profitability

·         Did we mention 3x your investment?!?

price: $8000

The Profit Link 1-Week Marketing Plan is the ultimate “set it & forget it” way to jumpstart your marketing efforts and automate an ongoing stream of customers for your business or services.  In the 1-Week Marketing Plan, the Profit Link team works with you intensively to create a simple, ready-to-execute plan (We’ll need your input, but, don’t worry, we do most of the heavy lifting!)

·         Succinct

·         Innovative

·         Easy to implement

·         Efficient, measurable, and simple to execute

·         No cold-calling or hard-selling


In just 5 short business days, you can have the power of a pre-set marketing machine customized to your specific business niche & needs.  The 1-Week Marketing Plan from Profit Link is accessible and realistic for entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, and business owners who want to create momentum in their marketing efforts.  What could you do, if someone simplified the marketing of your business and services?

What You Get

·         A set it & forget it system custom-built for quickly growing your specific Memphis-area business

·         All of the materials & marketing copy tailored to your unique business that you need to execute in perpetuity

·         A precision selling instrument that works all day, every day to bring in new revenue

·         Once-and-for-all elimination of the need for you to chase clients

·         A consistent stream of qualified customers

·         Eradication of feast or famine business cycles

Yep.  One week.  That’s all it takes for most small businesses to radically improve their marketing.  What are you waiting for?  A steady stream of customers can be just a week away.

There is a price for results.  Fortunately, the Profit Link keeps your costs low and maximizes your return with negligible risk.

The price of inaction cannot be underestimated!  (How much of your future and that of loved ones do you have tied to your business?)

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