The Profit Link is a small business consulting group dedicated to helping small businesses owners, like you, achieve their dreams.  Our team of skilled and experienced analysts, tech gurus, sales pros, & consultants link those dreams to reality.  The Profit Link team sharpens and enhances your vision to create and implement a strategy for high-yield execution.

We are energized by finding ways for you to adopt sure-fire methods to garner more profits from your business.  Helping you to have more freedom and time to enjoy your friends and family is what gets us out of bed with zeal in the morning and what dances in our heads at night.

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…a businessman, a venture capital whiz, a math professor, and a political consultant walk into a bar…

The Profit Link was founded when a small group of diverse professionals (a successful serial entrepreneur, a venture capitalist, a mathematics professor and a political consultant) gathered and marveled at how much potential was woefully underutilized in the small business market.  The difference between the big companies and the smaller enterprises was not just a lack of access to capital and scale efficiencies, but a gap in knowledge connections.  What would happen if the smaller, more passionate entrepreneurs could be equipped to use their size and speed as a competitive advantage over the Big Guys?  We started sketching the process on a cocktail napkin.  We knew we could tilt the field back in favor of the entrepreneur.

We knew we’d have a one-in-a-million company.

"I don't know if there is a magic formula for business success, but these guys may have discovered it!"--M. Stisser, TUR Capital

Entrepreneurs love to work with us, because we make it easy, and we guarantee results.  The Profit Link professionals examine your sales, HR, supply, accounting, marketing, management, and risk-management chains to find weak, missing, or broken links that keep you from maximum profits; we then work with you to forge the links that connect opportunity and execution.

We create sound internal links that increase efficiency and connect your business to a crowd that desires your products and services.

Moreover, with our Chain Reaction small business consulting package, we guarantee a $3 return for every $1 invested in our partnership with your business.   Our services are essentially risk-free!  Link your past hard work to your future super-profits by using your present to call us TODAY!

Whether your business is in need of a massive turnaround, or you simple want to grow your profits sensationally, you need the Profit Link.

We make it simple—you give us a dollar, and we’ll give you 3!

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