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Most major change efforts come up short. Often, it’s because senior leaders aren’t truly aligned on the company’s strategic direction, or don’t agree on how to get there. The Profit LInk Leadership Effectiveness is a structured program that can assess and amplify four essential traits that determine top team performance—trust, commitment, inclusion, and a focus on the greater good. Those traits translate to superior company performance.

Why Profit Link

  • We focus on results, ensuring that you make meaningful progress building the leadership team traits that correlate directly to increased growth, profitability and total shareholder return (see chart above).

  • Our Leadership Effectiveness Diagnostic reveals your senior leadership team’s unique strengths and development opportunities, resulting in a customized program that quickly enhances team performance.

  • We help you define your purpose, align on a compelling view of the future, and agree on the most important actions needed to get there.

  • Through a series of facilitated dialogues and exercises, we guide your leadership team so that all members gain a better understanding of their leadership style and their role in helping the team achieve the desired financial results.

How We Can Help

Bottom-line benefit

 -Leadership teams that focus on how its members work together are demonstrably more effective in achieving the company’s operational and financial goals.

Shared understanding

 -The team becomes keenly aware of its unique “Leadership DNA” and understands each member’s strengths and weaknesses at a deeper level, enabling candid discussions of previously off-limits topics.

Effective working relationships

 -The team commits to concrete behaviors that get the desired results and begins to build a foundation of inclusion, unity, and trust.

An action plan

 -The team unites behind clearly articulated steps that will achieve the bold ambition the team has created.

Common vision

 -The team works together to co-create a compelling vision of the future.