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Corporate Video Production

If your business is ready to take branded content up a notch, you may be considering corporate videos. However, if you are new to creating business video content, finding a high quality and affordable corporate video production company in Memphis, TN can be daunting. That’s where we come in.

The Profit Link Productions is an innovative video production company based in Memphis,TN. We specialize in original video content and commercial photography for individuals, small businesses and corporations. Simply put: we love video and it shows when we use the latest audio/video technology to produce engaging, informational and cost-efficient.

What is the Value of Promotional Videos for Business?

The importance of using video to showcase what makes your business stand out cannot be underestimated. Today’s audiences are visual, and grabbing their attention is increasingly competitive. Experts believe that videos currently makes 57% of consumer Internet traffic, and that number is quickly on the rise. According to a Forbes survey, 75% of business executives watch work-related videos at least weekly.

Who Needs Promotional Business Videos?

Anyone with a service or product to promote needs a business video if they want to truly get attention in a world of mass digital marketing. Whether you’re a corporation, local business, real estate agency, physician, restaurant owner, or you own any other specialty shop or service, having video in your marketing strategy is becoming a necessity if you want to beat your competition.

What is a Good Business Video Marketing Strategy?

As with any carefully planned business goal, having a strategy in place is essential. A good video marketing strategy includes a well thought-out plan. Determine these essential things before getting started with any video project:

  1. Determine the Who, What, Why
    One of the most important, yet sometimes overlooked  “rules” of content creation is deciding what your video will accomplish. Is it informational, entertaining or both? Who is your target audience and why does it help them?

  2. Decide who will write the content/scripts
    Before you consult a business video production company, it is always good to have an idea of who is in charge of providing the copy. Will, someone on your team be writing a storyboard and script or will you be collaborating with an outside company?

  3. Create an outline of topics to cover
    Outline the scope of your video and flesh out the content you want to cover. If you’re doing an internal corporate video, for example, you may include a video breakdown of content such as “Timesheets”, “Dress Code” “Expense Reports”, etc. Your video marketing strategy may also include an editorial calendar if you plan on releasing several videos throughout the year. The Profit Productions can help with all these needs.

Why Choose The Profit Link Productions for Your Corporate Video Production Services?

There are plenty of corporate video production companies in Memphis, TN, but few of them offer small businesses the cutting edge visual effects enjoyed by major cinematographic productions. From pre-production to post-production, we offer a broad range of services needed for crafting top-notch corporate videos:

  • Concept development

  • Storyboard creation

  • Scriptwriting

  • Video editing

  • Scoring & sound design

The Profit Link Productions creates some of the best corporate and small business video marketing campaigns and promotional videos for Small, Medium and Large businesses in Memphis. With us, you get the quality of a large production company yet coupled with greater personal attention and flexibility as we tailor our approach to meet your needs.

What Kind of Business Video Production Do We Specialize In?

The Profit Link Productions specializes in a variety of corporate videos in Memphis and Southern Tennessee. Whether you’re a smaller business looking for a series of instructional videos or, you’re part of a larger corporation that needs videos for your internal departments or for corporate development and so on, we can help!

Corporate and Small Business Videos

Customer testimonials are a great way for businesses to show the value of their products or services product. “How to” videos are powerful marketing tools that show off your expertise and provides useful information for current and future customers. You can showcase a project, a product or even just share your story. It has never been more important for brands, large or small, to demonstrate authenticity through storytelling.

Training or Recruiting Videos

If you’ve ever been hired in the restaurant or the retail industry, you were probably required to watch a series of videos explaining the products, services, the company policies, employee benefits, dress code, anti-discrimination, avoiding sexual harassment, etc. The best training videos make a clear point, keep the viewers’ attention and some are even interactive requiring a quiz, digital signature and certificate of completion. Human resource managers increasingly rely on videos to onboard and train new employees.

Videos for Marketing

Video marketing continues to get more inventive as businesses compete for fresh ways to reach customers. On social media, video always stands out. Viewers can get the information they need in less than thirty seconds with a short, visually-appealing video. Whether you are looking to schedule a series of micro-video content for your business or you want to publish longer video tutorials, The Profit Link Productions creates visually engaging videos with your goal in mind.


Want to promote your product or service? Our experts will craft a beautiful video that highlights the best features of your product using the most modern video techniques and trends. Your corporation or small business can create a clever commercial video to publish and distribute online with big impact, without the high-cost option of airing it on TV.

Real Estate Marketing Videos

We love to help Real Estate agents show off their best properties by creating effective Real Estate videos. Real Estate videos are increasingly in demand by prospective property buyers who carefully filter which properties to visit. Real Estate agents love to show clients our videos because it makes the process of selling a property faster and more efficient. When a prospect is captivated by videos, studies show they are more open-minded and eager to see it in person.

Medical Video Production

The best medical videos are not only informative but also enjoyable, fast-paced and engaging. Medical videos must clearly communicate precise information to an audience that has no time for uncertainty. Whether your audiences are healthcare professionals or patients, The Profit Link Productions delivers your message successfully in a way that showcases your role as a premier Provider.

Media Video Production — Video Press Releases

As part of your video marketing strategy, you may choose to include ongoing video press releases or news releases that highlight your organization’s latest developments and keep you front-of-mind with customers and prospects. Video press releases get more views than written articles. Videos are also easier and cheaper to distribute. When you have anything even remotely newsworthy to share, leave it to us to turn it into a video that people will want to watch and which will support your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

Aerial Videos and Photography

Take advantage of aerial videography to achieve an exhilarating, first-person view from any angle. We use the latest techniques for all your aerial video needs — delivering a full perspective and a one-of-a-kind view. The Profit LInk Productions works closely with clients to make sure their visions become reality when it comes to aerial videos and aerial photography.