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12 Tips to Increase Engagement on Your Business’ Facebook Page

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Have you noticed that your Facebook page isn’t getting the attention it used to or only a small fraction of your followers are engaging with your content? Look no further than this guide! We will give you the twelve best tips to increase your engagement on your Facebook page. Engagement with your followers is important to your business because it keeps you in touch with them along with getting your content to more people. The more engagement, the better your content does.

1. Use Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights can help you see what your audience likes on your page, which posts get more engagement, and which reach more than others. Say you post more about your products than you do your staff, but your insights tell you that the few posts about staff members have done better than the posts about your products. Start incorporating more posts that highlight your staff members into your posting schedule, and watch your engagement grow. Insights are your friend, so don’t be afraid to use them.

2. Manage Your Posting Frequency and Consistency

The first thing you need to know is that just because you post a lot, it doesn’t mean you are going to have more engagement. You need to know when your audience is online because that is when they are more likely to see your content. But remember, posting regularly is good for engagement because your audience always has new content to see and knows that you are present online.

3. Share User-generated Content

If your customers post about your products or services online, be sure to shout them out and repost their pictures on your page. These posts are more likely to get engagement because it lets your audience know that you see them and pay attention to them.

4. Ask Questions

Asking your audience questions is a good way for you to interact with them and get their feedback. They are the reason why you are on Facebook, so be sure to get a sense of what they want or how they feel about you, your products, your brand, anything.

5. Keep It Short and Simple

People spend a lot of time online, but they don’t want to have to read through a long post. Keep it short so you keep your audience engaged throughout the entire post. Longer is not always better. If your post seems to be too long, you might be going off subject or losing sight of the goal of your post. Pay attention while you are writing it or configure an outline so you stay on topic.

6. Use Call to Actions

Your call to action can be anything you want that fits your brand. You could put a button on your posts that draw them to your website or contact you through your email or social media. Your call to action should make your audience want to take further steps beyond viewing your content.

7. Reply to Comments

A simple way to boost your engagement is by replying to your audience’s comments. This can make them feel heard and more willing to comment in the future. More comments equal more engagement.

8. Try Posting Videos

Studies show that videos receive more engagement than images, so try posting a video that shows your business, your products, or your staff members. A video that is informative or tells a story will perform the best.

9. Create a Linked Facebook Group

A Facebook group leads your most engaged audience to a place where they can have conversations with each other and with you about your business. This could help you with your Facebook page because the conversations that your audience is having in your group could inform you about what you need to work on.

10. Experiment with New Content

Social media is ever-changing and so should your page when it comes to your content. Like we talked about earlier, videos are starting to rule over images when it comes to engagement. Switch up what you post or how you post it.

11. Host Giveaways (Occasionally)

Giveaways tend to get the most engagement and are a good way to get your audience excited about your business. But don’t do a giveaway unless you have a reason and only give away products that are relevant to your business.

12. Boost Your Posts

If all else fails, paying for ads on Facebook could be the way to boost your engagement. Transforming your most popular post into an ad is a successful way to bring your best content to the most amount of people. And if you need help with figuring out your budget and how to navigate Facebook ads, check out our blog post titled “How to Fully Optimize Your Facebook Ad Campaigns for Your Business”.

Increasing engagement on your Facebook page can seem intimidating, but if you follow these twelve easy steps, your engagement will be the best it’s ever been. Engaging with your audience is easy and can even be fun. Getting to know the people you serve is fulfilling and rewarding to what you work hard to do every day. Connecting and building a community can only make your business stronger.

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