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13 Ways to Maximize Your Business’s Visibility on Twitter

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Twitter has 350 million active users and is one of the most widely used social media platforms today. Therefore, using Twitter is a perfect medium to promote your business, post updates, and allows your followers, customers, and future customers to see posts that they will love. So here are 13 ways to make sure that your audience sees everything that you tweet.

1. Present High Quality Content to Your Audience

Planning out the content you intend to post can ensure that your post will be concise and purposeful. Having content that is random and inconsistent can be confusing to your followers and they might consider unfollowing you. This also means creating content that is relevant to your business and your followers. If your future customers go to your social media to find out more about your company, they want to find content that is helpful to them and might get them to buy something.

For example, high quality content would be an in-depth post about an event that you would be attending where you would be selling some of your newest released products. The post should contain the address of the event, the times you will be selling, how long the event lasts, a map of the venue so your followers can easily find you, descriptions of the products that you are launching, and maybe a special offer if you mention the tweet or a percentage off for a coupon code that only your followers have.

2. Embed Your Twitter Feed on Your Website

Embedding your Twitter feed on your website helps with traffic flow from your website to your Twitter, which, in turn, raises the visibility of your tweets. This can be a good way to incentivize the visitors to your website to check out your Twitter for product updates or sales/promotions.

3. Piggyback on Trending Hashtags

Hashtags can be a great way to broaden your audiences. Using a variety of hashtags on different posts can assist with visibility with your audience, but also other people who might not have originally seen the tweet otherwise. But, as a warning, don’t use too many hashtags or ones that are irrelevant to your business. Users can find this annoying and unnecessary.

For example, if your business was in the beauty sector, the best hashtags to use are #BeautyBasics, #FreshFaced, #MakeupLife, #NaturalBeauty, etc. These are some of the most popular hashtags that are relevant to the beauty sector, so these hashtags would get you more attention if they were used on your posts.

4. Use Easy-to-Understand Language with Calls-to-Action

Easy-to-understand language helps entice many people to your tweet and calls-to-action aid in drawing people into a tweet. These are some examples:

  1. Comment!

  2. Hurry!

  3. Limited Seats Available

  4. Check Out Now!

5. Mention Influencers to Increase Visibility

Your content can become more popular if someone with a larger following than you, such as an influencer, promotes your account/business that is also within the same industry as you. This promotion increases your visibility and you gain more support with a bigger audience.

For example, you could retweet a post of the influencer of your choice that you admire and comment on their business/brand, a product that they have made, or just to complement their account (how it’s well composed or fun to scroll through). Your retweet of their content gets the attention of the influencer and they might return the favor of your shoutout.

6. Share Links to Increase Engagement

Studies show that tweets with links do better than tweets without them. Linking other content that you have, such as your website or newspaper article from an event, gives you more visibility and also allows your audience to get to know you better.

7. Reuse Tweets That Have Performed Well in the Past

Utilizing your successful tweets is important to keep them relevant and to keep your visibility up as well. If you know that your followers liked it in the past, then why not use the tweet for your followers now?

8. Add Humor to Your Content

Social Media is all about entertainment, so tweeting out content that is funny, a meme or GIF, and relevant to your business can entice people to look at your content further.

9. Respond to Mentions and Retweets

Along with being connected to your audience by talking to them through comments and retweets, this also shows that there is a real person behind your Twitter account. It’s important for your audience to know that you see their tweets and you care to respond to them.

10. Publish Your Tweets at the Right Time

Monitoring when your audience is most active on Twitter can be helpful for your posting schedule. A posting schedule is critical to consistency, but also having the most amount of interaction.

Here are a couple of scheduling sites that can help you with scheduling your posts: Hootsuite and Later. And here are directions to schedule tweets within Twitter itself: How to Schedule Tweets on the Twitter Website.

11. Be Visually Appealing

Having posts and content that are visually appealing increases the amount of people who view your tweets. Humans love when something is aesthetically appealing.

12. Add Your Insights

Adding your insights could apply to your business specifically or to a breaking headline within your industry or really anything. Being quick to respond can be crucial to your audience in case they want to be informed, but also gives them your insight on the subject. Being on top of content that is relevant to your business shows that you are informed and that you are willing to talk about it with your audience. This method of interaction is great for visibility.

13. Leverage TweetDeck Insight

TweetDeck is a tool to help you identify viral trends while they are still in the early stages of trending, so that you are on top of that subject. Your tweet is much more likely to go viral or have more views if you take advantage of this tool.

With these 13 ways to maximize your twitter visibility, it will be easier to create content and make sure that the majority of your audience and other users see it. I hope to see your tweets trending soon!

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