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3 Reasons to Start a Newsletter for Your Business Today

Marketers and business owners are always looking for new ways to promote their ventures and drive both engagement and sales. Email marketing is a popular type of digital campaign, but many marketers don’t use it to its fullest potential.

When I say “email marketing,” you probably think about promotional emails, discount codes, and things of that nature. What you may not have realized is that newsletters also fall into this category. Writing newsletters is a robust approach to reaching potential customers and painting your brand in a new light. If you’ve never considered sending a newsletter, we’ve collected three reasons for you to start a newsletter for your business today.

1. Improve Your Chances of Reaching Buyers

For marketers, appearances can be everything. You could have the most useful product in the world but, if you don’t present it to potential buyers in the right way, your chances of making a sale drop dramatically.

Newsletters give you a chance to put your best foot forward outside of the typical sales funnel. By providing industry news and sharing related blog articles, readers can get an idea how involved you are in your field. Any chance you get to put yourself in a good light as an industry leader will boost future sales.

Many promotional and direct sales emails get trashed without a second glance. When you package your email marketing effort as a newsletter instead of an outright promotion, you offer more value and increase the chances of the recipient actually opening it.

2. Boost Online Operations

It would be impractical to include multiple full blog articles, full industry statistical reports, and the associated graphics in a single email newsletter. As such, most marketers only include article titles, snippets of attention-grabbing content, and small glimpses of compelling graphical elements. For a reader to access the whole article, they’d need to click links to your website.

Boosting your website traffic is never a bad idea for SEO and online performance and newsletters can only drive numbers upward. Additionally, you could include links to your social accounts. Providing extra opportunities to access your profiles never hurts.

3. Foster Relationships

Your relationship with customers is based largely on trust. How much you know, how good your image is, and how awesome your product is doesn’t matter if you don’t build trust with your buyers. The best way to make your readers feel appreciated is to give them the most value for their time.

Your blogs need to be directly related to your newsletter topics or you’ll drive away uninterested and confused customers. The industry news you choose to share should educate and enrich your readers. Avoid click-bait titles that make the reader feel manipulated. Do your best to make recipients feel valued.

Above all: listen to feedback, both direct and indirect. If you have an avenue for readers to share their thoughts on the newsletter, don’t ignore it! Even if you don’t have direct feedback opportunities, pay attention to your analytics. The number of people who open the email, click through to your website, and engage with the linked content for each issue of the newsletter are all good metrics to measure feedback indirectly.

Newsletters are an incredibly powerful tool that you need to add to your belt. There are very few other instruments that can improve your image, advance online operations, and build strong relationships with customers in one fell swoop. If you’re convinced that you need to start a newsletter, but don’t know where to start, reach out to The Profit Link today and we’d be happy to assist you!

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