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4 Email Marketing Tactics That Convert Subscribers into Customers

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

3 billion of the 4.5 billion people with access to electricity use email. Proper email marketing provides an average return on investment of 44:1. These statistics tell you that when email marketing campaigns are done correctly can provide the highest return on investment of any marketing channel. On average, email earns you $40 for every $1 spent and is a direct connection to your subscribers. Here are some of the most profitable tactics to convert email subscribers into customers.

Eye-catching Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing subscribers see when you send an email, making it the most important part. To increase the open rate, make your subject lines self-evident. Don’t make your readers guess what the email is about. Write the way you speak: use subject lines that use informal language and contractions. Make it short and concise, as 46% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. Fifty characters are approximately the maximum length before a mobile screen cuts it off. Also, subject lines need to match the subscriber audiences you are writing to; a dog lover doesn’t want an email about cats.

Design Emails That Will Get Read

There are three outcomes when someone opens an email: they will either read it, skim it, or bounce it. Your emails will get bounced if a reader opens the email and nothing is eye-catching right away. Choose an email design that catches the eye and is relevant. Your headlines should be action-focused and concise enough that skimmers won’t need to read the body of the email. Deliver on the promises you made in the subject line and do it in a concise way to keep readers’ attention. Designing emails can be easy with any of the following sites:

Create a Call to Action

A Call to Action, or a CTA, refers to the steps a marketer wants their audience to take after reading an ad or post. Creating a Call to Action is crucial because this is the step that converts a subscriber into a paying customer. Good CTA’s start with a verb and there should only be one per email. The most important part of the email is getting subscribers to click and you can do this by knowing the goal of your emails. Don’t worry about the sale or the story, focus on getting your subscriber to move to the next step, this is what the CTA is for.

Send Relevant Emails Often

Many people love getting emails that are relevant and informative from brands they trust. Don’t worry about the people that send you nasty messages about your emails; remove them from the communication list and focus on the ones that want your emails. They will be the ones you can convert. Email your subscribers at least once a week and regularly make sure all emails are working. You can verify emails by using a bulk email verification service like ZeroBounce or MillionVerifier.

Email marketing can provide the highest return on investment of any marketing outlet, making it one of the most important forms of advertising you can do. Email is a direct connection to your audience and can convert them into customers if done correctly. Using the tools and tips we have given you, go create the perfect email and see your customer count soar.

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