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4 Twitter® Tools to Help You Get More Followers

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

As of 2021, Twitter has 396.5 million users and has made about 3.72 billion dollars in revenue. If you are an avid Twitter user, you know how much impact Twitter has on the everyday things we do. The reason you are reading this article is because you want more out of Twitter. You want to grow your following so more people will hear what you have to say. Whether it’s for a new business or you want to start a meme page, these four Twitter tools will be sure to help you grow your following.

1. Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics is “old faithful” when it comes to monitoring the official activity of your Twitter page. It’s where you go when you want to understand your audience better. Also, Twitter analytics allows you to understand your audience interactions down to specific tweets. The Twitter analytics tool gives you legitimate tips and is 100 percent accurate on how you can boost your engagement. Who knows Twitter better than Twitter, right?

2. Hootsuite®

Hootsuite is a widely used tool for people who market using social media. This platform allows you to respond to all your social interactions in one spot. The key to boosting your following on Twitter is to interact on your timeline more. Although the free plan does have limited features, it still allows you to accomplish more than you could by yourself. The free plan allows one user to monitor up to three social accounts on a social media dashboard. It will also let you schedule up to 30 messages in advance, create auto-message responses, and identify target audiences using lists. The benefits of using Hootsuite are endless in ways that it can help to grow your following on Twitter.

3. TwitHelper

TwitHelper jumps right to the moneymaker with its approach to get you more interactions. According to Buffer, “tweets with image links get two times the engagement rate of those without.” In order to stand out in the sea of thoughts, you should add a picture or two and TwitHelper will help you along the way.

4. TweSocial

Twesocial is a service tool that allows you to grow your profile with targeted followers. It has become one of the easiest apps to use in regards to follower targeting. It allows you to monitor your growth and the 24/7 customer service reps are always standing by to help as well. Twesocial also allows you to auto-engage with your followers to improve your engagement rates, thereby leading to more growth on your page.

Growing your social media impact might sound like a scary venture. However, if you start using these apps, they will allow you to be consistent on your timelines and actively monitor your accounts. Growing your Twitter following will start to feel less daunting for you. The part that matters is taking action, and The Profit Link, a small business support team based in Memphis, TN, will have your back the entire time! Browse our site to find more cool blogs that will make your business and social life easier. We want to link your business to profit! Here are the links to our social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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