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5 Methods to Get Great Content Ideas

Are you struggling to come up with new content ideas? Content creators need a consistent flow of content and ideas but sometimes finding and creating these ideas can be difficult. You need to know trending topics and follow them so that you have high performing content. Here are 5 of the best sites and methods to gather content ideas from to help you consistently churn out new content.

Treendly monitors keywords across the internet to identify and track new trends. It can also predict future trends with it’s technology. Entering a specific keyword will show you trends related to that topic. If you click on a result it will provide even more detail. Treendly sorts results by website, showing popularity on Google, Youtube, Amazon, and internet forums. Treendly is best used for finding when to post your content according to the popularity of a keyword.

Feedly is a news aggregator app perfect for finding material and keeping it organized. The app is free and available for iOS and Android but also offers a premium version at $6.00 a month. Feedly targets large teams who read the news on a daily basis in a professional setting. These teams include cybersecurity, business intelligence, digital transformation, etc. Their advanced AI, Leo, can filter articles and curate your feed to your tastes.

Keywords Everywhere (browser extension)

Keywords Everywhere is a browser extension built for Chrome and Firefox. It analyses content for trending keywords and links up with Trending Topics for richer data. You can also analyze specific content and see how well it is performing as the extension travels with you as you browse the internet.

Competition’s Social Media

Find out what your competition or well-known companies within your niche are posting. You should follow their social media accounts and stay on top of what they are posting. With this information, you can cover details others have glossed over or provide an alternative point of view. You can write about the same subject but write about what the others aren’t saying. You will fill a content gap and bring consumers of your competition to your content as well!

Email Newsletters

Sign up for email newsletters that provide interesting and attractive material that you can bounce off of. Newsletters are often chock full of weekly and monthly lists of trending materials. You can sign up for your competition’s email newsletters and find out what they are talking about and use this to your advantage.

Constantly producing content is tough. The good thing is there are sites and methods to find ideas for content to post. The aforementioned sites and methods are the best at finding keyword trends and popular content. Take these tools and discover content ideas to make your content perform better than ever.

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