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5 Tips to Promote Your Next Event on Social Media

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

We’ve all seen businesses use Facebook Live, LinkedIn Events, or Tik Tok to promote an event. Some of us were invited or decided that we wanted to go to one of these events because we like the company’s products. As an entrepreneur, have you thought about getting into the digital aspect of promoting your next event? Many businesses have started using their social media accounts to create more interactions with consumers.

Below are some tips on how to promote your next event using social media:

1. Get an Early Start

The earlier you start promoting your event, the greater your success will be. You can get a larger audience if you promote earlier. You’ll get more steam this way. A good time to advocate your event would be at least 6—8 weeks in advance to make sure of a wider outreach.

This also gives any attendees and speakers time to make room in their schedules and travel plans if need be. You should also make plans on the schedule for the event if you plan to have multiple things going on. Everything must be in order before it gets close to the time for your event.

2. Choose Your Social Media Platforms

Different social media platforms operate for different reasons. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are the best options for promoting an event. Twitter has a good way to promote your hashtag for your event, so your event can gain steam in the sea of other events that may be going on. Getting a head start helps in making sure other events don’t overshadow yours. Picking a good time is important.

Facebook can boost your event using Live or social media posts about it. LinkedIn helps promote events by connecting those who may be interested. There are many social media sites you can use, but choosing the correct one is up to you. It’s best to go with whichever you’re comfortable with and know how to use.

3. Create and Promote Your Hashtag

Specialized hashtags can increase participation and attendance for your event. Twitter can help you advance your hashtag by helping you choose a good name and showing you the dos and don’ts of hashtag promotions across the board. Hashtags aren’t just for social media posts. You can put them in emails, apps, and websites.

The hashtag helps attendees engage with the content of the event, speakers, and each other. You can see what’s trending around your event and receive feedback in the process as well. Hashtags do more than become a trending topic but help you gain momentum on social media.

4. Make Guest Speakers your Event Advocate

Guests speakers have a network of their own and could influence the industry. The best thing to do is to use their network to your advantage for a better turnout. The more people at your event, the more your information will be shared. Asking them to help promote your event would help you get a larger and more interested audience.

5. Go Live

Live videos for events can pull in big crowds and allow interaction amongst themselves and the business. Facebook Live, TikTok, LinkedIn Events, or Instagram would be a great place to do a live video. You can post updates of your event on Instagram and Facebook Live as well as take clips for your next year.

Another benefit of Live videos is that they make consumers want to see more from you. The event can cause fame amongst your customers, and it’s possible they might want you to do it again. A lot of things can come out of you doing a good, virtual event that has people hyped. Don’t hesitate to try different things and trends to see what happens.

The way businesses promote events is changing. Social Media is making it easier for businesses to promote their events and increase their engagement in their company. Events are either virtual or in-person now. Social media is helping to connect businesses to their consumers now more than ever. In the end, staying connected and promoting events is the most important thing that social media can do for your business.

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