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7 Tips for Using Facebook Live for Your Business

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

We’ve all seen businesses promote their products using Facebook Live with promotions, new products and so much more. As an entrepreneur, using Facebook Live may seem like a big step, but it doesn’t have to be. It can actually be fun for your and your consumers if you make it interesting enough. The questions you may have are: where do I begin? Or How can I make my business successful on Facebook Live?

Below are some tips on how to use Facebook Live for your business.

1. Set Dates & Times

One reason why Live accounts are so successful is their consistency with the time and dates that they post. Consumers will not watch videos from a person who’s inconsistent with their Lives. Setting a good day and time is important for a successful Facebook Live for your business.

Be sure to learn about Facebook traffic. Social media platforms have different dates and times when they have the most traffic on their sites. Be sure that you can squeeze the time of your Live into the busy traffic so you can increase your engagement.

2. Create Interesting Topics

As a business, you may not always follow all the popular trends on your Live. It’s important to come up with interesting topics. Consumers will not watch a Live they think will be boring or about something they don’t know anything about.

It’s important to add trending topics into the topics you’ve created. Lookup trends you think will be good to add on your video or include on your Live. It’s important to keep up the interests of your consumers for engagement purposes.

3. Viewer Understanding of Content

Always make sure your viewers know what they are looking at and how it pertains to your business. Businesses place interviews, Q&A sessions, and polls on their Lives. Sometimes consumers do not know what these are for. Make sure viewers understand the content of your Live.

4. Viewer Interaction

Viewers will leave comments and reactions. It’s okay to communicate with your viewers in the comment section if you’d like. Consumers feel like they’re important to you and that you care about them. When you do this, it can also help your business form meaningful relationships with your consumers.

Be quick when responding to comments. Your stream’s relevancy score increases with the number of comments received. Remember: the higher your stream’s relevancy score, the more chance it will appear on users’ news feeds.

5. Leave Explicit Marketing for the Ending

Marketing can be boring and sales-like to a consumer. Explicit Marketing, in the beginning, will scare them off because most of them get on Live for fun and no one likes ads. Do leave this for the ending to make sure the consumer has developed an interest in your business.

6. Preview Next Facebook Live

Every Live’s success is based on the consistency of time. Be sure to keep every Live on a consistent time basis. After your promotional call to action, tell your viewers about your upcoming Live session with brief detail.

After talking about your next Live, say your Thank Yous to the crowd and end your stream. However, this isn’t the ending to your understanding of how to use Facebook Live for your business.

7. Monitor & Track

Analytics is important for your business to track your Live engagement as well as to track your consumer engagement with your business. You can use this to understand what you are doing well and what you need to work on. This is the important part of your success on Live because you get to understand what your consumers want to see.

This is a good way to understand what topics you should make more videos for. It can also tell you what topics you can cut out or make better. The feedback from analytics will help your success on Facebook Live.

It’s 2022 and the way businesses connect to their consumers is changing. Videos are helping consumers and businesses become more connected. At the end of the day, staying connected is the most important thing your business will need in whatever industry you may be in.

For more tips like these, or if you need assistance, reach out to The Profit Link today!

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