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Are You Using Videos on Your Website? If Not, You Should!

It’s no surprise that videos get most of the views and likes on social media, but are you using videos to your advantage? According to Wyzowl, people spend an average of 16 hours a day watching videos on their social media accounts, and over 80% are convinced to buy a product that was featured in a video. That is a staggering number! Why don’t we look at seven ways to utilize videos on your website to bump up your SEO rating?

1. Your Video Should Be Clear

The first and most important thing about your video is that it should be easy to follow and your audience should know what you are talking about. If they don’t, they will click out of the video, which is not good for your SEO. Just because you get people (Number disagreement) to click on the video, doesn’t mean they will always stay until the end. Before you even make the video, you should write a script. Consider what you want the visuals to look like so that the filming process will go smoothly and you will have exactly what you want.

2. Answer Questions Your Clients/Viewers Ask

Instead of sending an answer to each individual person, use a video-based Frequently Asked Questions page on your website. This will make it easier for people to find out information about your business and easier for you because you don’t have to answer one question multiple times. Answering questions in a video format can be more helpful than a written answer because you have more time to fully explain your response. Videos also give your viewers a chance to see your face. If you are more personable with your clients, people will take notice and be more likely to come to your website and buy your products, raising your SEO ranking.

3. Videos Make People Spend More Time on Your Page

People spend a good chunk of their day watching videos, so you’re wise to include them on your website. If viewers are interested in watching your videos, they are more likely to explore the rest of your website, increasing your conversion rate. Turning viewers into customers is a big goal of videos and an important factor in SEO ranking.

4. Include Keywords and Transcriptions of Videos

Keywords are a huge factor in SEO ranking. They help viewers find exactly what they want in a search. For example, if your website pertains to laptop and phone cases, your videos should include those words and others relevant to your business. Transcriptions of your videos are the written text of words spoken in your videos.. This helps people with disabilities understand your video better and allows the video to have a wider audience. Catering to everyone you can is important in getting your videos seen. Inclusivity really shows who you are as a business person and human being.

5. Place Videos in the Optimum Spot

Even if you create a great video, it won’t matter if you put it at the bottom of your web page where no one will see it. Videos should be at the top of your website or in a prominent part of your website, such as their own tab. However, you don’t want to make your page look cluttered. Use text to introduce the video as well.

6. Post Your Videos on Other Platforms, Such as YouTube®

Posting your videos in multiple places is an excellent way to get more views and drive more people to your website. Plus, you could post a different version of the video on your YouTube channel to entice people to watch it. For example, if you did a Q&A on a social media platform, you could post an edited version on your website and the unedited version on your YouTube channel with extra questions or even bloopers. The good thing about posting your videos to YouTube is that Google® prioritizes YouTube videos in searches, boosting your SEO ranking.

7. Consider Different Formats

When making and posting a video, confirm that the video will play perfectly across mobile, desktop, tablet, and other formats. If your videos look distorted or are unable to play on any of these platforms, they simply won’t get the views they deserve. It might take a little trial and error when figuring out how to get the video right, but it will be worthwhile in the end because you want everyone who wants to watch your videos to be able to do so. If your video is well-done, it will do better in the rankings.

Having videos on your website is an unbeatable way to significantly grow your website. They keep your viewers engrossed in your content and glued to their computers. If they love your website, they will want to come back for more. Now that we’ve listed some ways to keep that SEO ranking rising, go out and make a video for your website.

If you need help with making a video, contact us at The Profit Link, a small business support team based in Memphis, TN. We will be glad to help you!

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