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Choosing Influencers on Twitter® to Represent Your Brand

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Influencer marketing has been around for years but, with the rise of social media, it has taken on a new life. These days influencers are not just celebrities in commercials endorsing various products; new-age influencers are regular people who have a strong social media presence. In this blog, we talk about the influencer selection process on Twitter and how it can benefit your brand marketing.

Who Do You Want to Represent Your Brand?

When you choose an influencer, you need to be sure that person will represent your brand well. Pay attention to how he (or she) interacts with people and tweets. Is online persona genuine? You should ask for impression numbers as well before you decide to move forward. If I have 10,000 followers and only get one hundred likes, that doesn't seem like a fair trade. The follower count and like/retweet ratio should all add up. It's okay to talk about numbers and impressions. Those are the necessary tools you’ll need to have a successful campaign. The person you choose to be your brand ambassador will be associated with your brand forever. Once you put something out on the internet, you can't take it back, so it's important to be picky.

How a brand ambassador showcases a product is very important. Before asking that person to be an influencer for your business, pay attention to how they promote other products. You don't want to pay or send free merchandise to a person who is just going to post a snippet on their Twitter story and that's it. You want the type of influencer who is going to create a thread with videos and rave about how much they enjoy using your products.

Are They Part of the Same Industry?

Finding an influencer who is a part of your same industry is very important. If you manufacture makeup, who should you get to endorse your products? Of course, you should get a brand ambassador who is already a part of the makeup influencer community. If a person from your industry gives you a good review or endorses your products, that gives you more credibility on social media. That testimonial from the makeup influencer will hold more weight than one from someone in an unrelated industry.

How Do You Contact an Influencer?

Don't start off your relationship with a potential brand ambassador by heading straight to their DMs and asking them if they want to represent your company. You should interact with them on your timeline by commenting under their tweets or retweeting their posts to break the ice. If they see you are not just a bot or a random company trying to get free promotion, they will respect that more. Create the proper form/contract stating the duties you want them to fulfill. If they don't have an email contact in their bio, it is appropriate to directly message them.

How Will You Devise a Campaign?

Devising a campaign by yourself is a good first step; however, creating a campaign with the influencer is better. The influencer will feel more involved in the process and be more engaged. You have to give people a choice and be collaborative. You can collaborate on the name of the campaign, hashtags you're going to use, and creative video/photo themes. Even though it is your brand, you have to collaborate with others in order to be successful.

Influencer marketing is a strategy that, when used well, has a massive impact. When you choose an influencer, choose wisely and make sure they fit your brand and what it stands for. You have to be open to collaboration, new ideas, branding strategies, and most importantly talking about numbers. For more tips on how to make your business better, visit us at

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