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Converting Subscribers to Customers: Eight Easy Tips to Enhance E-mail Marketing

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Few Americans read all the e-mail they receive in a given day, but we receive these mass e-mails because e-mail marketing has a significant ROI at a very low price point. As an e-mail marketer, one of your primary goals is to build a loyal subscriber base and turn them into actual customers. It’s easier to accomplish than you may think. Follow these simple steps not only to get your e-mails read, but also to convince those readers to start spending money with you.

Focus on Customers

1. Guide your readers through the customer experience with customer-focused e-mails. Begin by personalizing each e-mail. This can be as simple as putting the recipient’s name in the subject line of your e-mail. Personalization tools have many uses, including criteria by which you may filter your e-mail list. You can send loyalty rewards information or cart abandonment reminders. The more relevant your messages are to your readers, the more readers will engage with your message. Remember to collect data early and often!

2. Segment your subscriber list. Segmentation allows you to target specific groups within your subscriber base and speak directly to them about things they find interesting. According to Campaign Monitor®, this alone can drive a 760% revenue increase! This is the single most effective personalization tactic in e-mail marketing.

3. Take the customer’s perspective. People buy things to solve problems. Ask yourself what problem your customer will solve by taking the action recommended in your e-mail. Might they have reservations about taking your prescribed action? If so, address those issues. Discuss your solution in a way that addresses the problem that segment faces. Relevance always makes you more interesting!

4. Show how you can help. Your product may have many dynamic features, but customers would rather understand how spending money with you solves a problem for them. Be specific and always consider the customer’s personal bottom line.

5. Campaign Monitor research indicates that automated e-mails have an 86% higher open rate, a 196% higher click-through rate, and generate 320% higher revenue than traditional promotional e-mails. Use custom automation to walk your readers through the customer experience.

6. Combine your e-mail marketing team with your content marketing team to enhance collaborative efforts. Remember to use content resources like your blog to drive subscribers to your e-mail list.

7. Prove your claims by including reviews, testimonials, surveys, and case studies. Keep the message brief, but compelling.

8. Track your success through analytics. If your open rate is low, you need to look at subject lines. If your click-through rate isn’t what you’d hoped, revisit your CTA, segmentation, or personalization. The hardest area of focus is your conversion rate. The difference between a boring conversation rate and a remarkable one is five percent or less! The best focus here is your call to action. Make it clear and compelling. Remember that each of these is a separate goal. Don’t worry about your conversion rate if no one is opening your e-mail. Build from getting your e-mail opened to getting it read, then getting the reader converted.

Watch Your Efforts Yield Results

Use your e-mail list to communicate with your subscribers, interest them, motivate them, and engage with them. Your list should yield loyal customers year over year. Remain relevant, build your message around a strong call to action, and use all your tools, including segmentation, automation, and dynamic design. Your audience will continue to grow. Contact The Profit Link today to find out the ways we can help drive customers to your door.

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