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Four Common Mistakes that People Make When Using Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is far from simple but the algorithms and tools that Facebook gives you to use will make your journey ten times easier. When you market you need to keep your audience, budget, and objectives in mind. Follow these four steps so you won’t fall victim to the amateur mistakes of first-time advertisers.

Not Knowing Your Objective

Not having a clear objective can completely mess up your ad campaign. When you are making the initial ads on Facebook you need to keep your objective in mind and make it clear. The Facebook algorithm determines how it shows ads to the audience, and not having a clear objective will mess up how people interact with your ad posts. So when you are creating an ad make sure you select a clear objective. If you want the goal to be a subscription, or purchasing on a website it needs to be a concrete objective.

Making Typos or Grammatical Errors in Ad Copy

It might sound like no big deal but it’s these small mistakes that will take the amount spent on ads from 5 percent to 10 percent more than your budget. As a consumer, it is off-putting when you see an ad with a typo because it makes you think that the business owner is careless. To some point, it is careless, because why would a business owner not take the time to put out the best ad possible. Your ads are a direct reflection of your business. If you can’t put out a quality ad then why would your audience think you could provide quality products or services.

Having Too Broad of a Target Audience

Having too broad of a target audience is self-explanatory. If you are selling scented soaps and want to market them you can’t just try to sell them to everyone. You have to pinpoint the audience that already buys that type of soap or is interested in trying unknown scented products. You need to be aware that everyone is not your target and that the more narrow your target the more likely you will get better leads. The leads that you get from those will likely be the type of sales and customers you will want.

Hitting the “Boost Post” Button Instead of Making an Ad in the Ad Manager

Rule number one in Facebook advertising, do not use the boost post button. Instead, you need to utilize the Facebook ad manager feature. Using Facebook's Ad Manager will allow you to fine-tune and specify exactly what audience you want Facebook to show your ads to. With the ad manager, you can select your budget, call-to-action, marketing objective, and more.

Facebook is a wonderful place where you can get many things accomplished. When you are marketing you need to use Facebook to its fullest potential. Utilize the tools to the fullest and make Facebook work for you. If you avoid these four rules when promoting on Facebook you will be miles ahead of your competition.

If you need any more help with Facebook ads, contact us at The Profit Link, a small business support team based in Memphis, TN. We want to link your business to profit today!

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