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Grow Your Podcast with These Five Tips

Podcasting is an increasingly popular way to connect with your customers and keep them aware of your brand. Having your own podcast gives you a vibrant, self-controlled platform for telling listeners everything you need them to know. Flourishing in this medium is easier than you might think.

Growing (or Starting) Your Own Podcast

Podcasting is a great way to communicate with confidence that your audience is paying attention. In podcasting, as in business, consistency is vital. These tips will help you succeed.

  1. Include podcast production, research, and editing in planning how you’ll spend your time. This will prevent falling behind and getting overwhelmed with podcast duties while at the same time keeping content fresh so your listeners don’t get bored. Stay relevant and your audience will stick around.

  2. Do your best to address unique topics or address ordinary topics from a unique perspective.

  3. Ensure you have great sound quality. Invest in quality equipment and software that enables you to guarantee excellent sound in the finished podcast.

  4. Promote your podcast by every means available. Take advantage of all your social media accounts, e-mail information to your contacts, and post the information in your workplace. Most podcast listeners discover new offerings by word of mouth. You’ll do well to enhance your efforts so your podcast isn’t missed.

  5. Define and get to know your audience. Make sure you’ve clearly defined your target audience and always remember to whom you’re speaking. Certainly, anyone and everyone can listen to your podcast, but you will shoot yourself in the foot if you try to appeal to everyone. Consider what makes your show unique, then consider what defines listeners most likely to be interested in your perspective. Being specific in your focus helps you define your audience and makes it easier for interested listeners to find you.

Research Your Target

Now that you’ve defined your target audience, learn everything you can about them. In what part of the world do they live? To which podcasts do they subscribe? How will your podcast impact their lives? How old are they? What is their level of education? How much money do they earn? What are their online habits? Which social media platforms do they use? Do they follow particular hashtags or subreddits? Understanding where, how, and why they already engage will help you understand how to reach them.

Be Personable

Integrate yourself into the podcast community. Stay active on all your podcast’s social media accounts and reinforce your podcast messaging. These are crucial steps in growing your podcast listenership. Attend events and conferences related to podcasting or the particular focus of your podcast. Use these opportunities to introduce yourself and your podcast to other participants. Promote your podcast wherever you can and remain engaged with your listeners. Always seize opportunities to promote your podcast with everyone. Produce a trailer promoting your podcast and share it far and wide. A trailer provides a unique opportunity to show all your podcast has to offer. Post it to all your social media accounts and your podcast website.

Define Success

Decide in advance what success for your podcast means for you. When you’ve identified your goal, it’s much easier to assess progress and strategize steps toward reaching that goal. With success defined, consider the analytics on your podcast and interpret them accordingly. Specify your goals: qualitative (high ratings or engaged listeners) and quantitative (number of subscribers or a particular episode count). Digest the data and determine whether you should make any modifications. Most podcasting platforms include analytics.

Devote Yourself to Your Own Success

Sustained audience growth requires time and attention. Be strategic and tenacious. Enjoy yourself and promote your show incessantly. With a bit of planning and strategy, you can establish an audience that is both vibrant and engaged.

For help establishing your own podcast or promoting your business, contact The Profit Link today! Thank you for reading!!

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