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How Facebook Quiz Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Quizzes online have skyrocketed in their audience usage in the past decade and are popular ways to help businesses with their marketing strategies. Other than being easy and fun, they are informative to businesses and allow them to collect data about their audiences. Facebook quizzes are a good way to be informed by your customer’s answers and here are some reasons why you should use Facebook quizzes and some handy tips for the quizzes as well. Here is a good source for assisting you in creating your own Facebook quizzes: Publish Engaging Quizzes on Your Facebook Page

Personality Quizzes are the Most Effective Data Capturing Method

There are many types of quizzes on Facebook, but the most effective ones for marketers are personality quizzes. No matter what the results of the quizzes are for users, they always come back. Because of this, marketers use quizzes to gather data, usually an email, to send their results of their quiz,and now, the marketers have a new contact in their contact list.

Data From Facebook Quizzes are Essential for Market Research

Market research is everything to a company. Customer feedback informs the business of their market and using a quiz can be an easy way to gather this information. The best kind of quiz for collecting customer feedback is through an interactive quiz. From this information, your business can better the products or services that you provide.

Facebook quizzes are Used to Boost Ad Viewership

Like we pointed out earlier, quizzes of every kind have become so popular, more companies have started to use them. After you take any quiz on Facebook, you will see a number of ads pop up that you may have not seen before. This is because of the quiz; all these ads will probably have something to do with the quiz topic. And if the quiz topic is connected to your business, you could get exposure to your page or website through the ads that pop up.

Lead Generation is One of the Primary of Facebook Quizzes

Effective leads, such as an email address, are important pieces of data about users. A good way to gather emails is through quizzes. Companies use quizzes to acquire users’ emails by sending the results of the user’s quiz or similar information. This is an easy and safe way to generate leads.

Facebook Quizzes for Qualifying Leads

Once the leads have been generated, it is important to actually utilize them, otherwise you will have wasted your time and money. Depending on the quiz that is taken, it will inform you if the user is a fit for your products or services. This information is what you need to utilize for leads.

Captured Data Allows for Personalized Recommendations

Facebook users tend to engage with content that is personalized to them. Facebook quizzes are the ideal tool to help you bring your users and audiences personalized content. Based on the answers the user gives you, you can send them a follow-up email with personalized recommendations of what products would be more suited to them.

All of these Facebook quiz tips and tricks can help you navigate all the quiz types and utilize them for your business. Remember, these quizzes are more than just a quiz, they inform you of who your customers are and what they enjoy, so take them seriously. Harness the information that your users provide and use one of the most popular pastimes of the internet today to gain insight into your market .

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