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How to Make Your Small Business People-First

Mogul Richard Branson is quoted as saying, “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple.” Branson’s quote is timely in the midst of a pandemic and the “Great Resignation.” Among the changes business owners face in 2022 is a shift in what staff members expect in the employee experience. Employees should feel as valuable as customers.

Happy Employees, Happy Bosses

If your staff feels valued and respected, they pass that along to your customers and engage more actively in growing your business. The most successful businesses take the “people first” approach seriously and understand that the employee experience should go hand-in-hand with the customer experience. Not only do happy employees make happy customers, happy employees also are far more likely to remain loyal to your company. Building a reputation as a company that truly cares for its staff paves the way to attracting and retaining top-tier talent.

Building a Culture that Values Employees and Customers

Companies are finding creative ways to care for employees without spending seven figures. The most basic approach not only benefits your staff, but also wins customers. Ensure your business keeps a culture of purpose and meaning. This is the foundation for a people-first culture. It’s important to trust your team members, giving them increased autonomy, responsibility, and accountability. They not only feel more valued, but also are more invested in your company’s success. Everyone in a leadership position should touch base with employees regularly. Monitor team members’ well-being and, when someone’s having a tough day, be prepared to share coping strategies and sincere support.

People First Impacts Business Success

Focusing on the complete employee experience reduces friction in the office and reinforces a people-first mindset. Attend to maintaining healthy working relationships with staff members and reinforce your trust in employees’ talents and abilities. When employees feel appreciated, they’re more likely to go the extra mile for your customers

Business owners want their customers to have the best possible experience every time there’s an interaction with the company. Set specific goals for the customer experience and make sure your staff is fully invested in attaining those goals.

Create a Plan

A lot of companies now have employee experience roadmaps to focus on the best of the company culture and make sure every employee feels important, heard, valued, and appreciated, thereby undermining any “us versus them” mentality. Leaders are encouraged to work to maintain relationships and trust within the company. Worldwide, strategies are shifting to be more reflective of staff expectations, particularly during the pandemic.

Improve the Company Culture Today

It’s impossible to create such an atmosphere if people don’t have a support system. The key is establishing a great team of employees and treating them well. Today’s focus is on treating employees as well as customers are treated. This atmosphere, combined with thoughtful perks, gives you a happy and supportive environment with staff truly invested in the company’s success. The “Great Resignation” so prevalent in today’s workforce makes this an urgent matter. Get started building your company culture today!

Do you need help defining and implementing your roadmap to a happy and dedicated workforce? Contact us at The Profit Link, a small business support team based in Memphis, TN, and we will get your business where it needs to be. We want to link your business to profit!

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