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How to Use Video Marketing to Strengthen Your Brand

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

When you initially think about marketing, videos aren’t the first thing that come to mind.

Since the Pandemic, video platforms, like TikTok for example, have skyrocketed in popularity. As a business, you should use that to your advantage. Using these steps will be a great way for you to begin your video marketing journey.


When you watch a video, what makes you remember it most is the message you get from it. Storytelling is a major part of using videos to market your business. It is also a good way to tell the story of your business, adding a personal touch to your brand. When people buy your products or support your business, they want to know why and what was the inspiration. Storytelling through a video is basically a summary of whatever message your brand is trying to convey at the moment.


Creating video content is a great way to get your audience engaged. It gives you the chance to interact and ask them firsthand what kind of videos interest them. It also creates a dialogue about what they would like to see you post. Your audience commenting, liking, and sharing your video brings traffic back to your posts and the platforms you use.

Educate & Demonstrate

How-to videos are very popular these days and people can’t seem to get enough. Posting a simple educational video about how you do a process or make a product can attract an audience that you didn’t even know you had. People love watching and engaging with step-by-step guides on how to do things. There is nothing more powerful than a call to action by demonstration. You can challenge your audience to do what you do and share their results. Those are the type of interactions one hopes for when creating educational and demonstration videos.

Call to Action

Including a call to action in your video is very important. You have given your audience this knowledge or simply entertained them, so what is the next step? It doesn't have to be something dramatic, it can be something small like commenting or sharing the post. The purpose is just to get your audience inspired to do something about what they just saw.

Choose the right platform

You could have the best video in the world but it doesn't matter if no one sees it or interacts with it, right? Choosing the right platform is probably the most important thing. You should already use video heavy platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. Youtube is one of the best places to run video ads. By using Youtube, it is reported that marketers can make between four and five times their usual ROI. The users on these platforms are already prepared to watch videos and short clips, so they won't feel like you are intruding.

Video marketing is essential to adding an extra layer to your brand. The visual and auditory elements take your audience further into your business and give them more insight to who you are. It is one of the fastest growing marketing strategies as well. Don't hesitate to add videos to different platforms because the more exposure you have, the better.

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