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Low Competition Keywords: What You Need to Know

As defined by Joshua Hardwick, Head of Content at Ahrefs, “low competition keywords are ​​keywords that you can rank for without much effort. You usually won’t have to build many links or have high website authority (Domain Rating) to rank for them and get organic traffic to your website”. In short, low competition keywords are little SEO boosters. We have information on the different categories of keywords and some tips about how you can find the best low competition keywords for your business’s online platforms.

Types of Keywords

When it comes to using keywords on your website or social media, the keywords you use should make sense for the types of products that you sell or service that you provide. Here are four types of keywords that you should consider applying to your platforms:

  1. Informational - The searcher is looking for information about the topic.

  2. Navigational - The searcher is looking for a specific website.

  3. Commercial Investigation - The searcher wants to buy a particular product or service, but hasn’t quite made up their mind which one to buy.

  4. Transactional - The searcher is looking to buy something.

3 Tips on Finding Low Competition Keywords

1. Use Your Brain

This first one is self-explanatory. One of the easiest ways to find low competition keywords is by doing some brainstorming. You know your business the best, so sit down with a notepad and think it out. A great way to start is by defining your audience and your brand, then you can find keywords from there.

2. Search with Tools

Keyword research tools are wonderful with aiding you in locating low competition keywords. They can also help you learn which keywords are not low competition and which ones are. Most tools have a filter option, so you can filter out any high competition words like ‘notebook’ and instead use the keywords ‘traveler’s notebook’ that have less competition and a higher chance of getting your post seen over others. It also is more specific and will reach a concentrated audience.

3. Be Specific as Possible

When trying to find keywords that have less competition, a sure-fire route to go is by being specific. This helps narrow down who will see it and put your posts at the top of the search list. Like our ‘notebook’ example, this rule can apply to anything you want to advertise for. Home decor, bikes, or medical supplies. The list could go on.

No matter what your business sells or the services that it provides, whenever you advertise online, the keywords that you use need to be relevant and specific to your company. These two things are the most important if you want your SEO rankings to rise above your competition.

If you need any more help with SEO or low competition keywords, please contact us at The Profit Link, a small business support team based in Memphis, TN. We want to link your business to profit!

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