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Seven Tips for Planning an Explainer Video to Increase Profits

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Perhaps you want to explain your products or services; an explainer video is a great way to do this. An explainer video is a short video that uses simple language to convey complex ideas and situations. Eighty-three percent of brands with explainer videos on their homepages say those help the bottom line. Neil Patel, the owner of, says his video brought him an extra $21,000 a month. If you want to increase your site traffic and gain extra income, here are seven tips that will improve your explainer video.

1. Understand Who You’re Targeting

You should know who your target audience is in order to reach them effectively. Your target audience is those you are trying to reach with your products or services. Knowing your audience’s age, ethnicity, education level, and income range can improve the exactness of your video’s message and make it easier for you to connect with your audience.

2. Choose the Right Tone

Your tone should be engaging and informative. Many companies use humor in their videos so the audience doesn’t get bored but, if your video covers a more serious topic, decide whether your tone should be serious. Using humor is important, but it isn’t appropriate in every situation.

3. Think about the Context of Your Video

What do you want your audience to get from your video? Make sure your message is clear and your call to action is engaging. Is your video going to be standalone? Think about these things as you create your video and remember to include all necessary info.

4. Determine Your Key Points

Show exactly what your products or services are and what makes them unique. You want your audience to purchase your products, so it’s important to sell them, not just explain what they are. Make a list of your top selling points and include them in your video. In a one-to-two minute video, you have little time to convey your message, so only include important, relevant points.

5. Write a Great Script

There are several things your script should include: humor, concise but easy-to-understand language, a consistent flow, and visuals. Consider working with a company that can write a script for you if you aren’t comfortable doing so yourself, but make sure your ideas are clear and the script includes everything you want. You know your company and your audience best. If you write your own script, make sure you edit it several times and include all the necessary elements.

6. Choose Characters for your Video

Characters should relate to your audience. Make sure your character connects to the story you are telling in your video. For example, if you’re making a video about a medical device, make the character someone who uses the device.

7. Choose Appealing, Helpful Visuals to Compliment Your Script

Keep your visuals unique and relevant. Make sure to have visuals of your products or services. Visuals are the most important part of your video and need to be eye-catching and engaging.

Explainer videos are an important tool to display and explain your products or services. A one-to-two minute video with visuals, a clear message, and a great script will keep your audience engaged and increase their time on your page. Contact The Profit Link today to record an explainer video and get more video tips!

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