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Small Business Highlight: Enchante

Enchanté in French is a greeting, a way to say hello, and Deidra Scott uses this one word to draw people into her world of flowers. Deidra started Enchanté, a mobile flower cart that customers can rent for events or special occasions and create their own bouquets at a reasonable price point. When I asked her what was the inspiration behind starting Enchanté she said, “Beginning of the pandemic in 2020, I became inspired by the opportunity to take a chance on a new idea I'd thought of. I was desperate for freedom. Freedom to think creatively, make my own schedule and routine, travel, study, and experience.” Enchanté gave her just that. Deidra loves the idea of being able to go where the event needs her and the flower fairies to be. Flower fairies are what she calls her employees that work the cart. They assist in creating your bouquet and give each customer a warm experience. When you see the golden Enchanté on their classic white cart, you know you will be greeted with a smile and the best customer service you’ve ever had.

Deidra is also an interior designer here in Memphis and it made me wonder if designing interior spaces had any influence or connection to designing a bouquet of flowers. When I asked if there was any correlation, Deidra told me, “I had NO experience with flowers but my knowledge and experience to think through an idea and execute that into reality really helps with designing anything. So why not flowers?!” Flowers are an object that don’t last very long after they are cut, but they do have a lasting impression when they are given to someone you love. Flowers have always represented a form of letter that doesn’t need words to say something and that’s something that Deidra wants to evoke with her business. “It is something so beautifully organic yet occasionally appreciated that I wanted to reintroduce a fun way to experience them and communicate with one another; especially during a time of grief, uncertainty, seeking purpose, social influence, etc.”. If you would like to tell someone that you love them through flowers, you can book Enchanté through emailing Deidra at this address:

Because Deidra enjoys having the freedom of controlling where she wants to conduct her business, I asked her what else drew her to the idea of being a mobile flower cart. She said, “I enjoy doing business and thinking of smart strategies and solutions. The best business advice I was told was, ‘If you can't sell your idea or product at the lowest overhead, forget about selling it with bigger and major expenses.’ So, I developed a concept that's still ‘the spot to shop’ however mobile for indoor and outdoor occasions.” Because they are mostly sticking to events and special occasions, you won’t see them around like food trucks, but they are doing more pop-ups and local community events, so keep an eye on their Instagram for updates about when those happen.

Many unexpected things can happen when starting a business, good and bad. Fortunately, Deidra had something that was surprisingly good. She said, “Finding a loyal and solid team who sees the vision. Being an owner, I wasn't sure what type of ‘boss’ to be to lead and navigate a ship. I have no clue of where it's going some days. But through this journey I continue to find my people.” People who make your job easier are the people that you want to have around, but sometimes aren’t the easiest people to find. Deidra is so happy to have the people she has surrounding her and because of that, she knows that they can get through anything together, whether it be good or bad.

The last question that I had for Deidra was what she loved about being a small business in Memphis. She said, “I love my city! We are so rich in culture and I always remind natives this is the city that changed artistry across the globe. We ignited that! So I'm proud to have contributed towards the rebirth and development in the city of Memphis.” She has done collaborations with local artist TySolo, they held an Art Cart Event together, and with a local clothing boutique Silk and Honey, where they celebrated local women-owned small businesses. Enchanté loves teaming-up with other local creators and business owners to reinforce that Memphis is where you should put your money when buying flowers or anything else that you need. Because shopping locally supports dreams and makes dreams come true. I would like to thank Deidra for talking to me about Enchanté and her passion for business. You can follow Enchanté on Instagram: @enchante901, and here is their email again if you would like to book them for your next event or special occasion:

If you are a small business in the Memphis area and would like to be featured on our blog, you can contact us at Also, if you would like to follow our social media for more business-related advice and tips, the links are below. Thank you so much for reading!

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