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Small Business Highlight: Lemonade No Sugar

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Faith Morgan, the owner and founder of Lemonade No Sugar, named for a lemonade stand that she owned when she was in elementary school, originally went to school to be a Vet Tech and worked at an Emergency center right after graduating. But then Covid hit and she found herself with a lot of extra time on her hands. She began to think about what she really loved and thought about starting her own small business. Faith told me that she has always suffered from Eczema, so it was always hard for her to find products that worked for her. She combined these two needs and Lemonade No Sugar was the result. She wanted to be able to provide products for people who endured the same struggles as her, but also be a brand that could cater to other skin types as well. Lemonade No Sugar is cruelty-free, all natural, and eco-friendly. They offer a range of products including body cremes, scrubs, and bars for body and face. You can find the full catalog here! They also carry items for the home such as wax melts, carpet freshers, and pillow mists.

The first thing that Faith needed to do was research. The products that she used before either didn’t work or worked for a period of time before making her break out all over her body. So, Faith found ingredients that alleviated Eczema symptoms and developed her own recipes. Once some products had been prototyped, she asked some friends and family to test them. After finding a combination of ingredients that worked, Faith wanted to put her brand out into the world. She had been exposed to the local pop-up market scene and loved doing them, so Faith decided to start participating in them as well.

Lemonade No Sugar products are specifically made for people with sensitive skin, so I asked Faith what makes her products work so well for those people. She said, “The top reasons are that it can control it and moisturize. I feel like, for me, the biggest thing is I could find a product that can control it, but my skin would still feel very dry. Or vice versa. So with my products, not only do they feel moisturizing, it’s [eczema] going to be controlled, where you don’t have any redness or flakiness going on.” So even though her products are focused on Eczema prone skin, anyone can use her products, whether they have a skin condition or not.

I asked Faith what her favorite product was, and she said it was the Body Creme because, “It has this creamy texture…It literally just melts on my skin. So I use that everyday, pretty much all over.” Check it out here: Whipped Body Butter Creme.

Faith hopes to find a location/office space or even a mall kiosk to sell her products so she can broaden her audience. She currently makes everything in her home, but renting/buying a separate space would really help separate the business from her home. Faith is also hoping to start aesthetician classes to help her implement more products into her facial line such as facials and maybe even grow into a spa, where she will be able to showcase all of her products. She also hopes to further expand Lemonade No Sugar into more than just skin care products. At the moment, she sells a few home items, like wax melts and pillow mists, but she wants to fill out this area of her brand.

The final question I had for her is what she loves about being a small business in Memphis. She told me, “What I love the most is meeting other vendors and also just meeting people that I’ve never met before…I love gaining new experience and knowledge, whether it be from another small business owner or just a normal client that’s not selling anything.” She went on to tell me that getting to know the people around her and networking is one of her favorite things to do at markets. She learns about how they started their businesses and getting to know them as people as well. Faith loves her community of makers around her and she could talk to them all day if she could.

It was such a pleasure to be able to sit down with Faith and talk about Lemonade No Sugar. You can find her on Instagram: @lemonadenosugar_llc and on her website: If you want to be highlighted on our blog, please email us at or connect with us through social media: Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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