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Small Business Highlight: OH Grate!

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

OH Grate! began as a way to help busy families have a home-cooked meal without having to cook. Courtney Jones and Amy Bingham are both busy moms who understand not having time to cook for their families. So, they put their skills of being a former restaurant owner and former marketing consultant together to create OH Grate! in 2019. I was able to sit down with Amy, who told me more about OH Grate!. She said, “Our meals are life-savers to so many people on the go…Especially during the pandemic, when a lot of people were unable to get out, we were delivering meals to all kinds of families and…it created a huge opportunity to bless others as well because food is a universal language.” OH Grate! offers family-sized meals or smaller serving sizes, as well as breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, desserts and packages if you want to give a gift to a friend or you want to buy multiple courses. They deliver all across the Memphis area and surrounding counties as well as having many Grab & Go partners in the Mid-South area. Here is the list of all the locations you can find their items at, Grab & Go Partners and all the information you need on how their home delivery service works: Home Delivery Info.

I asked Amy about who makes their food, “In the last three years, of course we’ve grown, so neither Courtney and I are in the kitchen much anymore, but we have a staff who cooks the food.” They have a staff of eight people that are dedicated to recreating their recipes. Because we were on the topic of recipes, I asked where the recipes come from. “A lot of the recipes that we still use are from her [Courtney’s] restaurant days or our personal family recipes…We try to focus on recipes that your whole family will enjoy, some classics like our Chicken Pot Pie, Shepherd's Pie, Chicken Spaghetti.” The Chicken Pot Pie is Oh Grate!’s best seller and Amy said that it reminds customers of sitting down at the kitchen table and eating Sunday dinner with their family.

OH Grate! is growing quickly and I wanted to know what their plans were for the future. Amy told me they are working on getting a bigger kitchen space, which will allow them to expand their menu. She said that the new kitchen “means that we can do some more grilled items…and we have a really good Grilled Chicken recipe.” Other menu items that they hope to expand upon are soups and sides, especially since soups are a big selling item in the Fall and sides can go with you anywhere like BBQs and picnics. The bigger kitchen holds so many new opportunities for their business and they can’t wait to get into a new space.

Finally, I asked Amy what she loves about being a small business in Memphis. She said, “Oh my goodness, it has been tremendous. The support we have received in Memphis has truly been amazing. In our first year and learning the business, we put a wrong label on a dish…and everyone has been so gracious with us as we learned and grown and people have just stayed committed to us and our brand.” Amy also talked about how her store partners have given them even more reach across the Memphis area and they love that they get to team up with other small businesses as well. “I think the power of partnering with other small businesses together is really cool because we are all on the same page of wanting to grow our businesses and support each other.” We also love the power of cooperation here at The Profit Link. We ourselves are a small business and to give other small businesses their voice is a wonderful and empowering thing.

I want to thank Amy for taking time out of her day to sit down with me and if you would like to support OH Grate!, here is their website: OH Grate! Home, as well as their social media: Instagram and Facebook. And if you would like to connect with us here at The Profit Link, here is our website and all social media pages: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter. If you are a small business in the Memphis area and you would like to be featured on our blog, please reach out to us here:

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