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The Dos’ and Don’ts’ to Growing Your Business’ Facebook Group

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Facebook Groups are like exclusive clubs, they make the members feel special because only they can be a part of them. But Facebook Groups can be difficult to grow, so we have some tips on how to and how not to grow your business’s Facebook Group.

A Facebook Group is a place where people with the same interest can come to look at posts or post themselves to the Group and engage with other users as well. The audience you build through your Group will help you connect more genuinely with your followers and assist you with what your followers want to see.

Use Questions to Engage with Your Group Members

Asking your followers questions is beneficial for both you and them. For example, the types of questions that you could ask them include decision support, opinion, and share questions.

  • Decision support questions will aid you in understanding what is the best route for your business, like which color the new Group banner should be or what you should have for lunch. They can pertain to your business or be personal to you. Whatever option wins, specifically for your business, you know that your audience supported it most, so it will most likely do better in the long run.

  • Opinion questions help you with knowing how your audience/customers feel about something, like what they think of the new design of your new product. Feedback is everything to your business and you should take it at every turn.

  • Share questions are perfect for getting more people involved in your Group or they can draw more followers to your other social media or your website. If you give your followers the opportunity to share information about your business,they feel so much more connected to you and your business.

Keep Successful Posts Trending

If you have a post that has done well and want to keep it going, reposting it is a good way to get new eyes on it. The more people engage with that post, the more likely it will stay trending. You don’t want that post to be buried under other posts that aren’t doing too well, so keep it at the forefront on your profile. There’s nothing wrong with valuing the trending post over other posts.

Provide Your Group Members with Special Content

A Facebook Group requires an invitation so not everyone can have access to it. Making membership to the Group more enticing by offering them special content or even special codes or discounts to your products/services is an excellent way to grow your Group. There could be other Groups that have similar topics and if a user gets invited to one of your rival Groups, the user might need an incentive when deciding which one to join. Coupons and discount codes are a shopper’s love language, so using them can be a make or break to people deciding to join your Group.

Don’t Post Too Much in a Day

Posting too much is detrimental to any social media account and Facebook Groups are no different. Too many posts in a day can make a Group member turn off their Group notifications or even leave the Group altogether. If you want to have a consistent posting schedule, have a calendar where you plan out when you post so you don’t miss a day.

Don’t Let One Bad Apple Ruin The Bunch

With Facebook Groups, you approve people to be in your Group, so always be vigilant when monitoring possible Group members. You don’t want one person to ruin the experience for everyone else. If there is a person who is being inappropriate or violating your or Facebook rules, don’t be afraid to kick them out.

Stay Relevant to Your Brand

When posting, don’t go off the topics that are relevant to your brand or products/services. This will confuse your members and make them leave your Group. Similar to posting times, consistency is key to keeping members and making sure they stay engaged.

Facebook Groups take a little more work to grow than a normal Facebook Page, but they can be just as rewarding, if not more, because of how well you cultivate and build your membership. So taking the time to create your Group is rewarding and great for connecting with your audiences in a more intimate way. These tips will help you shape and develop your business’ Facebook Group in no time at all.

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