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The Nine Best Website Design Trends of 2022

Web design is all about looking to the future. Because of its relationship with technology, the digital realm can showcase new innovations in animation, interaction, and overall immersion. We have much to anticipate! The 80s and 90s are making a return, typography is taking a leading role, and live animation is ascending to new heights. Visual styles, meanwhile, run the gamut from mind-bendingly high-tech to whimsically handcrafted.

Back to the Future

Your website is essential to your business since an obsolete website design results in a 90% possibility of losing conversions. The design of your website is one of the main factors in whether a potential customer reviews your content.

Modern website design trends continue to develop. If you apply them, you will be able to enhance the appearance of your website and attract greater attention from your target audience. We’ve provided some pointers to help enhance your sales regardless of whether you are a newbie or an experienced business owner.

1. Full Page Headers

The first thing a visitor sees is the website’s header; it sets the image for your business. The full-page header has an attractive look and is a website design trend that will continue throughout 2022. Many websites add information to the left of the header. Placing everything on the left correlates with readers’ tendency to look left first. Include colorful images and information about your business in the header to hook viewers quickly.

2. Parallax Scroll Effect

The parallax scrolling effect is a technique allowing the website’s background to move slower than the foreground when scrolling. With the parallax scrolling effect strategy, 3D effects add depth, resulting in a more appealing browsing experience. It is vital to apply the parallax effects appropriately or you’ll have negative results and distracted viewers. You also can include an option to turn off the parallax effects for those users who find the effect inconvenient.

3. Horizontal Scrolling

Horizontal scrolling is a different way to display a website. Designers who implement horizontal scrolling keep options and navigations easier to browse. When adapting horizontal scrolling, designers must add explicit visual representations of the content. Though horizontal scrolling looks interesting and adds a unique touch to a website, keeping each important aspect in mind is crucial.

4. Multimedia Experiences

With visual elements such as texts, videos, and audio used collectively, you can provide extraordinary user experiences. However, studies show that keeping things simple even in combined motion and audio proves much more impactful than overly complicated content. Using too many effects at once can be distracting or overwhelming for the audience. Carefully use different media formats to maximize the accessibility of your content, such as including alternative text for images in the descriptive text. Provide a “play” button to allow the user to play and pause the content.

5. Illustrations

Cartoon illustrations are intriguing to every age group when displayed on a website, but they require a lot of creativity. When integrating cartoon illustrations on websites, it is crucial for designers to skillfully design the cartoon characters while portraying a short story that motivates viewers to continue viewing the website.

6. Focus on UI/UX

Before designing a website, you need to keep your target audience in mind. This will result in a website easily navigable for all users. It’s vital to ensure your website loads quickly. With all modifications, it is important to make sure your website is smartphone-friendly. Your website should operate flawlessly and respond well to both traditional and mobile users.

7. Memphis Design

Memphis design — one of the defining aesthetics for the 1980s — is sometimes thought of as a gaudy style, pairing a multitude of chaotic patterns and shapes. In its day, Memphis design was a rejection of minimalism and the supposed high tastes of art critics, making design simultaneously more colorful, more approachable, and more adventurous. This attitude rings especially true today when minimalistic approaches have led to a sea of interfaces that, while intuitive, are overwhelmingly uniform. It is no wonder many web designers are turning to Memphis design for an explosion of colorful personality.

8. Visible Borders

Web designers like to create a sense of magic — or at least the illusion that the content is neatly arranged by an invisible hand, floating freeform in digital space. The reality, of course, is that websites are built on a strict grid and held together with code. For 2022, web designers are moving to layouts that reveal their foundation through simple borders and frames.

A visible grid has the obvious benefit of distinguishing one section from another. This makes the page easier to scan while allowing for more content without the page feeling crowded. These simple borders also give websites a subtle, retro touch that pairs well with other 90s-adjacent trends making a comeback.

9. Engaging Interactives

Over the years, we’ve seen websites increase animation showcases to technologically inventive heights. We expect more designers in 2022 to turn to large-scale animated interactions. These interactions go beyond scrolling — which can be relatively passive—to encourage more meaningful engagement with the page, such as clicking, swiping, and dragging.

The key to the trend is to present a bit of mystery. The visitor is invited to use a specific form of interaction to learn how the page works. These novel experiences leave visitors feeling more like investigators, actively poking and prodding the page to uncover its secrets.

The Time is Now

Web design trends for 2022 represent continuing steps forward. The future comes quickly in the digital age and digital designers often pave the way. Whether designers are bringing back a forgotten decade, delighting the user with interactions and animations, or offering something handmade, the goal of web design trends is to elicit a sense of wonder. Bring that wonder to your website today! For help updating your website and your marketing strategies, contact The Profit Link.

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