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Your Employees are Your Best Brand Cheerleaders

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

According to Linkedin, when your staff shares company content, the number of social interactions with that content increases by 30%. Social media has never been more important for your brand and adding your employees to the mix will make it more successful. No matter what platform you promote your company on, you need to get all your employees involved. We are going to share four ways to get your workers engaged with your social media and watch your numbers soar.

1. Inform Your Employees of Their Impact

Your employees probably don’t know that they should engage with the company’s social media, let alone the impact they would have if they did. MSL Group states that your employees are more trusted sources when it comes to company information, so use this to your advantage and ask your employees to share your posts on their social media.

2. Teach Them What to Do

Teaching your employees how to interact is just as important as asking them to engage in the first place. You want their interactions to have as much impact as possible. Take the time to have a few classes or webinars on social media management or employee social media advocacy, whether that is taught from inside the company or from an outside source. You want to help your employees be successful with anything that you assign to them, and teaching them the ins and outs of social media advocacy is a way to do that.

3. Set Clear Goals

Setting clear goals gives your social media account a purpose and can inform your employees how they need to interact with your social accounts. If you don’t know how your social media needs to perform, it will not look professional or get as much engagement. Informing your employees of these goals can help them understand what they need to do to promote your page. For example, if you have a Business Instagram account and one of your goals is to make your Reels popular, your employees can share, like, or comment on them to get more interactions.

4. Be Open to Employee Input

Two sets of eyes are better than one. Your employees are your best source of criticism and analysis for what posts work and which ones don’t. Your employees are most likely avid social media users, so they know social media from a different angle. Use this to your advantage! For example, one of your employees might notice that your Facebook page doesn’t have much personality to it. This is a sign that you should switch up your tactics. Maybe post video content or post to your Stories. Give your page some pizazz! This will make your page more interesting/diverse and more people will start following you in no time.

Your employees are more than what they seem and when it comes to your social media, they are your secret weapon. It is shown that they increase your company’s engagement, so don’t dismiss their potential to bring you new connections. But we know that managing social media can be difficult, so if you need help, contact The Profile Link today!

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