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The Profit Link works with the world's leading travel and leisure companies, including hotel, airlines, passenger rail and bus operators, theme parks, cruise operators, gaming and lottery companies, tour operators and travel agencies, airports, rail stations, and concessionaires, as well as private equity firms. We draw on deep industry expertise and specialized capabilities to develop growth strategies with our clients to improve their business.


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Our track record of helping clients successfully transform their businesses – by designing and launching new offers; building world-class dynamic pricing, CRM, and loyalty programs; undertaking operational excellence initiatives and change management programs; and designing organizations for superior performance – has made Oliver Wyman a trusted advisor in this sector.


The travel and transport sector is undergoing profound change. Ten years from now, it will look nothing like it does today. There are numerous contributing factors:

  • Competing crosscurrents of globalization and protectionism

  • Large shifts in global wealth distribution and an explosion of disposable income in various emerging markets

  • Major changes in the travel purchase behavior of both consumers and businesses

  • Consolidation in many supplier markets such as airlines and hotels

  • Rapid realignment of the travel distribution landscape

  • The rise of Big Data and its potential to reframe travel and transportation planning

  • Disruptive technologies such as  personal device ubiquity, the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR) and the “new mobility” of ride-sharing, autonomous vehicles, electrification and transport drones

  • Increasing attention to, and associated regulation of, factors contributing to climate change

The impact will be felt in all the travel and transport industries: airlines and airports, hospitality, travel and tourism, maritime, rail, mobility, and freight and logistics — all the services that exist to connect the world by moving people and goods from one place to another and accommodating them on the way.

Industry leaders must plan for these significant macro challenges and for the specific, complex demands of their own domains. What will be the shape of travel and transport one decade from now? How will these trends transform the ability to make the world more connected for businesses and consumers? Who will the winners be, and how exactly will they prevail?

How we help

Leaders in the travel and transport sector are asking:

  • Which of these dynamics will have the greatest impacts on my industry and my company?

  • How will these create dislocations in my competitive landscape? Where are new threats emerging? In my own industry, or in other areas like technology?

  • In the face of so much uncertainty, how can I formulate effective short- and long-term strategies?

  • What capabilities should I grow organically? What capabilities should I acquire? What capabilities should I shed?

  • What alliances should I be considering, both within and outside my industry?

  • How should I organize and what new skills must be emphasized on my leadership team?

As a travel and transport industry thought leader, we help our clients navigate, or fundamentally reshape, the changing economics of their respective industries. Whether it’s driving airline industry consolidation or partnerships, introducing new ancillary revenue, optimizing travel loyalty programs, privatizing airports or improving the guest experience at hotels, our work fundamentally changes industries for the better.

When it comes to identifying growth strategies and investment opportunities that reflect passenger and freight market developments, or through cost saving and operational performance improvements in network and logistics businesses, we have the industry knowledge and expertise to give our clients a competitive edge.