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Podcasting versus YouTube® Advertising

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

You operate a small business and you’re constantly looking for ways to build brand recognition and establish relationships with prospective customers. It can be challenging to determine whether podcasting or video advertising (accomplished predominantly through YouTube) is the better choice for reaching your specific goals. We’ve reviewed both avenues and examined the positives and negatives inherent in each path. So should you start a podcast or pursue video advertising? The answer is yes to both.

Podcasting Distinctives

Podcasting is a great way to accomplish specific goals.

  • It’s an excellent tool for building brand awareness. In each episode of your podcast, remind listeners to visit your website, subscribe to your e-mail list, and subscribe to your YouTube channel. Promote your guest’s website during your interview and ask the guest to drop links to your website and podcast onto that website.

  • Podcasting is an effective prospecting tool. Contact those with whom you wish to do business. Reach out to those whose expertise complements your own. Explain why you value their insights. Have these individuals as guests on your podcast. This enables you to build a business relationship, enhance credibility for yourself and your guest, and expand your reach by adding your guest’s audience to your own.

  • It helps you own your niche. Sensible interviews and quality information lead listeners to regard you as an expert in your field. Podcasting requires preparation and planning, but you’ll find it well worth the investment. It builds legitimacy. You need a steady stream of quality content. Do your research and be prepared to have engaging, thoughtful conversations. Plan what you want to discuss, but don’t eliminate spontaneity. The best questions often come from answers to previous questions.

  • Podcasts have an advantage over YouTube content in that your audience may listen in so many different settings — during a commute, while at home or work, while exercising, and more. Listeners may download your podcast and play it back whenever and wherever they choose. Video content requires more focus, making it harder to view in some situations.

  • Listeners begin to feel they know you personally. They begin to trust you. They’re likely to mention you to others and to contact you themselves as needs arise. Strive to be personable and relaxed on your podcast as this enhances your listeners’ sense of connection with you and your brand.

Video Advertising Distinctives

Video advertising provides unique benefits, including:

  • Visual storytelling enhances connection with your audience

  • YouTube algorithms help you by suggesting your content to viewers predisposed to have an interest in it

  • Advertising videos can be easy to create and distribute

  • YouTube advertising is “pay-per-click,” which increases efficacy and maximizes the benefits of the dollars you invest

  • The time commitment for YouTube advertising can be remarkably small

A Direct Comparison


  • You’ll need a platform, but there are numerous options, so you can find one that meets your specific goals (and many also provide listenership analytics)

  • You’ll need equipment

  • Requires a greater time commitment

  • Widely available and used in a variety of circumstances

  • Poor shareability

  • No monetization opportunities

  • Involves only the consumer’s sense of hearing

Youtube Advertising

  • YouTube is its own platform and the dominant resource for video content

  • Although you can use additional equipment, you also are able to upload content using nothing more than your smartphone

  • Doesn’t require much time

  • Requires the viewer to watch your post

  • Content is easy to share

  • Easily monetized

  • Involves both listening and viewing (more senses increases engagement)

Getting Started in Podcasting

You have a number of options in podcasting platforms. Many make your podcast available across a number of avenues while also providing a dedicated podcast website and making it easy for you to drop your podcast player into a number of sites.

Getting Started in Video Advertising

First, you need to launch a YouTube channel, then begin uploading your content. YouTube content appears in search engine results, boosting your visibility. The content also is easy to share, further increasing your reach. It’s also worth noting that YouTube is second only to Google® as a search engine in its own right.

Cost and Time Considerations

To create podcasts, you’ll need equipment and software to record, edit, and upload your content. To upload content to YouTube, your only real requirements are a smartphone and internet access. You may choose to invest in video production equipment, but it isn’t an absolute necessity.

Producing content for either use requires a time commitment. Plan to devote about a third of your podcasting time allowance to research. You should be well acquainted with your guest and the topics you’ll discuss before you begin recording your podcast. You’ll need time for the interview — about an hour for a 30-minute finished product. Producing content for your YouTube channel also takes time, but not nearly as much. You can record a short video on your smartphone on the spur of the moment, if you wish, and upload it directly to your YouTube channel.

In both cases, the bulk of your time will go to marketing what you’ve created. Advertise your podcast on Facebook® and other outlets. There’s a lot of new content available every day and it’s important to do what you can to rise above the clutter. You can target your advertising in whatever way you wish, including focusing on people who have visited your website or subscribed to your e-mail list.

Don’t get too focused on numbers. Many people discontinue podcasts because they feel they haven’t enough audience to make it worthwhile, but there is no actual business value in the number of followers you’ve garnered. Your focus should be on using these platforms to connect with the right people to boost your business. Give it a few months and you should see your podcast returning dividends for your business — and that your YouTube channel is playing a significant role in your success.

Mix, Match, and Multiply

The best news is that you can share your podcasts — or portions of them — on different platforms, including YouTube, LinkedIn®, and other social media outlets. Edit snippets of interviews to post to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter®, and other platforms. Record video of your interview and/or include other video if you wish to post the entire podcast to your YouTube channel. You can add a podcast player to your website as well.

Opportunities Abound

Maximize your marketing efforts by including both podcasting and a YouTube channel as part of your overall strategy. Remember to use specific keywords and/or tags in both efforts to increase your content’s searchability. The Profit Link specializes in promoting small- to medium-sized businesses, so contact us for help and watch your consumer engagement blossom!

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