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Navigating Facebook Custom Audiences

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Custom audiences is one of the biggest revolutions that Facebook has created, and utilizing it for your business is a game-changer. Facebook custom audiences is a tool that you can use to super target your ads to potential customers that are most likely to convert their viewership into money. Custom audiences allow your company to bring an ad to any demographic that you can imagine and only show it to those you enable it to. The following tips will help you use the tool and teach you about the different types of custom audiences.

Types of Facebook Custom Audiences

Before we get into the nitty gritty, understanding the different types of custom audiences is important, so that as you go forward, you know which ones are which.

1. Website: This custom audience is used to match people who have visited your website with people on Facebook.

2. Customer list: You create the customer list which consists of their names, emails, and phone numbers.

3. App activity: If you have an app, the customers activity within your app is monitored and targets those people on Facebook.

4. Offline activity: This custom audience is for brick and mortar stores and is used to reach people nearby and also monitors people’s actions they take in your store.

How to Create Successful Custom Audiences

Website Custom Audiences

1. Go to Ads Manager in your Facebook account

2. In the menu, go to Audiences

3. Click on Create Audience and then Custom Audience

4. A window will pop up and under Use Your Sources, click on Website

5. Then you get to choose any and all criteria that you want to include

6. Now you name the audience and click Create Audience

Customer List Custom Audiences or CRM

6. Download the CSV file of the customers’ that you want to reach

7. Repeat Steps 2,3, and 4, but click on Customer List

8. Then, you click on Add Your Own List and upload your CSV file

9. Name your audience and select Next

10. Check and make sure all the information is correct and matching

11. Once you are finished, upload a custom audience to Facebook and Facebook will do all the hard work, and then click done to finish the process

App Activity Custom Audience

Before you start creating the custom audience in Facebook, you have to do a couple of things:

- Register your app

- Set up Facebook SDK and log app events on the Facebook for developers site

Now you can start to process on Facebook:

12. Repeat steps 2,3, and 4, but select App Activity

13. In the drop down menu, choose the audience that you would like to base your audience on

14. Add details to the app events that you’re basing your audience on. To do so, click Refine by and then select your details

15. Name the audience and click Create Audience to finish

Offline Activity Custom Audience

1. Navigate to Events Manager. Facebook specifies here that if you have more than one account, make sure that you select your desired account

2. Once there, select Offline Events Set

3. Click on Create and choose Create Custom Audience in the drop down menu

4. Select your ad account and then click Next

5. Create the parameters you want to include/exclude

6. Name it and Create Audience

Custom audiences help reach your audiences effectively and successfully boost your leads and leads are people that would most likely invest in your business in the future. Converting your audiences to customers is the main goal of using the custom audiences tool on Facebook. Custom audiences tool is your ad manager’s best friend because, after creating a well-done ad, you want it to be received by the viewers who will most likely act on it. For those reasons, the custom audiences tool should be your best friend and with this guide to using the tool and understanding more about custom audiences, your ads will perform better before you know it.

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